My Story

Motherhood changed me in ways that I can't even begin to explain. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to cope with those changes and how to channel the struggles I experienced into living a more purposeful life.

A huge part of what I thought was me died when I became a mom, but there was a rebirth of a new self that I had yet to understand, discover and even embrace. I wanted to hold on to the past, the old me that I loved or thought I loved, while at the same time, I was trying to deal with the overwhelm of love and pure exhaustion. I was going through an awakening and becoming a mom was my catalyst.


Whether you're a mom or not, we all have our own catalysts that propel us into this darkness where our true selves begin to emerge, but I'm here to tell you that the suffering is optional.


Out of what seemed like darkness to me, I was able to finally start seeing glimpses of light. I slowly let go of expectations and started trusting the Universe. There was a bigger plan for me and all these experiences were happening for a reason. How will I use my story one day to serve others who are going through it?



of life, wondering who you are, what you’re supposed to be doing and what your purpose is? 

You may feel like you’re meant for more, but don't know how to figure things out. You may feel like you’re running and rushing through life, with no time for yourself, without enjoying the moments. 


You may feel lost, unhappy, and unfulfilled, like you’ve lost your spark. You may feel stuck, trapped and craving freedom.

LIFE may not be what you expected

and you ask why all this is happening to you?


You may think you suck at this thing called life. You may struggle to connect with your partner, kids, family and friends.

Your relationship with your partner may have changed and you fear it will never be the same. You feel like you’re losing your connection.

You’re tired all the timE

and you don't feel like doing anything.


You’re not taking care of yourself. Before bedtime, all you do is crash in bed with Netflix or browse Facebook and Instagram. 


You may feel guilty when you take time for yourself or you don't know how to take care of yourself.


You feel alone.

I see and hear you. You are not alone!

What if you can gain that spark and find your joy?

Imagine waking up one day feeling empowered, energized and finally on path to becoming who you’re meant to be? What would it feel like to be in love with yourself and life, and fully embracing and enjoying this journey of life that you’re on? 


What if you felt a strong sense of awareness and pure inner peace, and a deep knowing that you’re being guided on your journey?


How I Can

Help You



All packages include a money-back guarantee. If you decide during or immediately after our first session that my coaching is not the right fit for you, don’t worry, I will issue you a full refund for the remainder of the package.

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