A magical life

starts with deep healing

I help highly sensitive people BREAK THROUGH their inner blocks so they  can experience the magical life they desire

My Story

The defining moment in my life that brought me to where I am today happened in 2017 when I quit my abusive corporate job and finally took a stand for myself.


I always dreamt of having an extraordinary life - I tried everything to get that magical feeling. As a child, I was fascinated by all things magic, and was captivated by anything that spoke of having special powers. I never felt like I belonged so I would often find myself in dream land imagining the life I wanted. I often dreamt of using magic to heal and help people.


Fast forward 30+ years and I’m working as a director of marketing and communication for a large distinguished corporation. People envied my life. With a highly regarded title, good pay, and a wonderful husband, two beautiful kids, I had it made...or so it seemed from the outside anyway. 


I had done all the things you’re “supposed to do”, checked off all the boxes. I went to University, landed a “dream” job, found a great husband, and had started a family. I was living the proverbial white picket fence life. Yet, I felt undeniably empty inside. 


Sure, I excelled at my high powered job, I even appeared to be completely confident and fierce. However, on the inside I was silently suffering. I was and always had been incredibly insecure and I felt like a complete fraud in this role. It was as if I was in this suit but it belonged to someone else. 


I had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I was wasting my time; that there was so much more for me in this life! This job demanded ALL of my energy and focus. Physically I was in a constant state of  exhaustion, feeling drained to the point of not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. I knew in my heart that if I continued on this path I would be miserable for the rest of my life...

As previously mentioned, shyness and insecurity have always been a part of my life. I was bullied in high school, but I never stood up for myself or even told my parents. I was too ashamed. This cycle carried right over into my work life.


Every single job I ever took, I had a boss who mistreated and abused me... until one day I took a stand. I finally broke the cycle... 



of life, wondering who you are, what you’re supposed to be doing and what your purpose is? 

You may feel like you’re meant for more, but don't know how to figure things out. You may feel like you’re running and rushing through life, with no time for yourself, without enjoying the moments. 


You may feel lost, unhappy, and unfulfilled, like you’ve lost your spark. You may feel stuck, trapped and craving freedom.

LIFE may not be what you expected

and you ask why all this is happening to you?


You may think you suck at this thing called life. You may struggle to connect with your partner, kids, family and friends.

Your relationship with your partner may have changed and you fear it will never be the same. You feel like you’re losing your connection.

You’re tired all the timE

and you don't feel like doing anything.


You’re not taking care of yourself. Before bedtime, all you do is crash in bed with Netflix or browse Facebook and Instagram. 


You may feel guilty when you take time for yourself or you don't know how to take care of yourself.


You feel alone.

I see and hear you. You are not alone!

What if you can gain that spark and find your joy?

Imagine waking up one day feeling empowered, energized and finally on path to becoming who you’re meant to be? What would it feel like to be in love with yourself and life, and fully embracing and enjoying this journey of life that you’re on? 


What if you felt a strong sense of awareness and pure inner peace, and a deep knowing that you’re being guided on your journey?

Let's Awaken your Magic Together!

No more doubting yourself. No more victimhood. No complicated spiritual practices. Just you and me getting raw and deep into what your soul came here to experience, create and manifest.

Healing work can be daunting and hard, but I believe the suffering is optional. What lights me up is seeing people transform before my eyes and hear them tell me I’ve changed their lives for the better! I’ve had many clients go from suicidal to thriving, from broken marriages to healthy relationships, from depression to being filled with joy.

One of my core gifts is to intuitively tap into what you are struggling with, and to help you reprogram your subconscious patterns so you can finally alchemize your pain into magic.



Honestly, you can’t afford NOT to make your healing and aligning with YOU a priority.

You May Experience...

Deep Inner Healing

Let's dive deep into unearthing your subconscious beliefs & patterns and will clear the traumas and stories that no longer serve you.

Aligning with Your Soul

I support you in aligning to your divine path and soul and will teach you the skills and mindsets needed to embrace your own power and joy.

Unshakable Clarity

You will experience deep clarity around your current circumstances, your purpose, and the next steps on your divine path.

Shift your Vibration

Through belief work, energetic alignments and subconscious reprogramming you'll raise your frequency and align with your highest and best.



Carine is such a beautiful soul and gifted coach/healer who has helped me heal tremendously. Beyond releasing beliefs and blocks, Carine also helped awaken my inner calling, purpose and empowered me to finally start leading the life I desire. Through her unique coaching techniques combined with her own magnetic energy and ability to hold space, every session has been magical and so worth it. I cannot thank Carine enough for guiding me through this transformational self-discovery journey. I was able to find my true self and boldly go forth with a new vision of myself and my life. I would work with Carine over and over again!


As a skeptic and seeker on a decade long healing journey, Carine is the first intuitive healer I have truly developed a genuine sense of trust in. The guidance I've received from her time and again clears the fog and is consistently on point. Weeks and months later I'm still like, "Holy shit, this still resonates". Every time! Carine also helped me to align with the next steps in my career path after years of floundering and to see how other parts of my life and passions fit into the overall picture. Last, Carine has been monumental in clearing some messy cords and seriously stuck traumas I had not been able to shift with many years of therapy and self-work, and for that I am forever grateful. I feel drastically different energetically following many of our sessions and the changes stick. I've since put two loved ones in touch with Carine!


“Working with Carine has been such a game changer in my life. Her intuition and the spiritual presence she brings to our session, was exactly what I was missing from traditional therapy. Allowing myself to unravel and open my soul was so easy with Carine. She provides a safe space to speak your truth, without judgment and she always has such supporting action plans for after. I call Carine my Spiritual Therapist because she is exactly that. She creates a space which allows me to get out of my head and into my heart. Carine has been such a blessing in my life, both as a mentor and a friend.”

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