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my thoughts

October 24, 2017

Put your black shoes on. Not your running shoes, the red ones with the bow. They match your dress. Put your green jacket on, the one with the stripes, it's cold. Eat your fruit. Dinner is ready, stop playing and join us. 1...2...3...Sound familiar?

We spend a lot of our precious time telling our kids what to do and interfering in their everyday activities. Our constant need to interfere with our children's lives and control their behaviour and outcome, has become somewhat of an obsession and it’s weig...

October 2, 2017

As I sat down to brainstorm my first blog topic, a deeply insightful conversation I had with my naturopath, while I was pregnant with my second child, came to mind. As I lay on her table during my treatment while baby #2 kicked away in my belly, an eye opening discussion came up on the pressures women, and moms in particular, are faced with these days and how we cope.

Us women throughout history have not exactly had the easiest time fighting to make our mark on society. Only 50 years ago, we had the p...

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