Passionate About Helping SOULS awaken their Magic

This awakening experience provides an incredible opportunity to do some deep soul searching, causes the unveiling of one’s true self, and empowers you to find your joy. It signals your time to rise to your power and embrace your mighty inner love and light. How do I know this? Because I’ve been exactly where you are now. I’ve experienced feeling lost, the self-doubt, fear, pure exhaustion, resentment, and guilt. I’ve often found myself asking: “Is this it? "What am I doing wrong?", or “When will the pain and suffering ever end?” and yearning for more.


And so began my path to figuring things out, for myself and for all the souls I wanted to help. My healing journey began when I stopped looking for the love and joy outside of myself and went deep within, cleared beliefs and fears that weren’t serving me, trusted my intuition and the process, and unraveled my true empowered self. I started creating tools for myself to let go of the past, and discover my authentic self. This allowed me to become much more balanced, happy, healthy, centered and fulfilled. I connected with the love and light within me, and finally came home to myself. 


Along my transformative journey, I used my experience to create valuable tools and systems that will help guide you through your awakening experience with more ease, joy, intention, and purpose. This is how the Awaken your Magic program was born.

The Awaken your Magic Program is a 4-Step healing journey that will connect you to your authentic self, awaken the playful you, allow you to love all parts of yourself and bring your magic to life.


Join me in discovering who you are beyond the veils of your experiences, pain, expectations, beliefs, patterns, and behaviours. Come venture within and shed this cocoon, unfold, and discover who you truly are under all these layers so that you can awaken to your true power, potential and magic. 


Very few people are living the magical life they’re meant to live, one that’s in flow and aligned with the Universe, who they truly are at the soul level and their core values, and that impacts the world and themselves in a meaningful way. 

Through my own spiritual practice, I learned to connect to the love within and elevated my experience of life. I also realized that honouring myself goes far beyond myself and that unconditional self-love serves a higher divine purpose: by loving and serving myself, I am now inspiring others to do the same.

  • Coaching Certification with an ICF accredited coaching school

  • Certified Advanced ThetaHealer®

  • RYT Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Kundalini Meditation Teacher

  • Certified Yoga Teacher for Kids

  • Certified Meditation Guide

  • Reiki Level 1

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