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Cosmic Power of Play

It's through play that we celebrate our Divinity and our connection to Spirit. And it's through this celebration that we step into our Cosmic power, the essence of life that brings forth into the Universe what we each yearn to create.

If you've been feeling stressed, disconnected, fatigued, are struggling to manifest, juggle life, or just need a boost of love and joy in your daily grind, playfulness is the key!

Somewhere along your journey into "adulthood", you may have been told you were too "old" to play, that you needed to be responsible, as though you had to choose between being an adult and being playful! But, since when did adulting mean being boring and letting go of our innate playful nature? Playfulness is a state of being and is as important for adults as it is for children.

It's through play that we uncover our true essence, power and magic, and the energy to call into our lives what we desire. Playfulness allows you to respond to challenging situations with humor and lightheartedness instead of always being serious or defensive. You just go with the flow and surrender to things that are happening around you instead of fighting them.

How do you get in touch with your creative innocence, your rawness, Inner-God or Goddess, and your wild? Give yourself permission today to fully embrace your wild nature and have a little fun even if the conditions you're in are less than favourable.

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