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Embodying my Wild Feminine as a Mother

I often struggled with the idea of being a Mother, afraid that I would lose all sense of self. I feared the idea that being a Mother would mean I would give up the Maiden and the Wise Woman in me. I always held on to the belief that I had to be one or the other. How can I be a great Mother if I’m embracing my sensual playful self? That’s so shameful! How can I be a good role model to these kids if I’m “living in sin”? What will people think?

Growing up with a mother who gave her whole self to raise us, sacrificed her career, her passions and even her identity to take care of us, I realized I was hanging on to this antiquated and conditioned concept of what a Mother should be.

So I decided to reinvent the definition of what a Mother is for myself and for others out there who are stuck in the story of the “good mom” who gives up everything for her children.

I learned that yes, I can be an incredible Mother to these kids and at the same time embrace my wild, untamed Maiden, and be a Woman of great Power and Wisdom. I don’t have to choose to be one or the other. I have the power to embody all Archetypes of the Divine Feminine at the same time because I am all of them and they are all of me. It’s only a matter of shedding the unnecessary layers of narrative and letting them all come out to safely play.

Because we are maidens, mothers, lovers, enchantresses, goddesses, nurturers, wise women and so much more.

So let us alchemize these stories and embrace all aspects of us so we can be free of the chains that hold us back from truly stepping into our light. Let your wild woman run with wolves today, mother yourself so you can nurture others with a full heart, stand in your power and allow that love and wisdom to emanate from your crown and out into the world that so needs it right now!


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